Welcome to the new CLA Listserv

To send a message to the new CLA Listserv group please email to listserv@clamail.ca from your registered email account.

Going forward all messages sent to the CLA listserv will be automatically added to a web-based archive housed at http://clamail.ca. The archive will allow users to search past listserv messages and view past listserv attachments.

Please note that all attachments in messages including logos in your signature will now be added to the new RECENT FILES archive.  Kindly remove graphic-based signatures before sending to the listserv. Please only attach PDF, JPG and DOC files to your listserv messages and limit your attachment file sizes to 5 megabytes or lower.
All users have been set to receive individual messages. If you would prefer to receive a digest or to only view/search/send listserv messages online please adjust your message delivery settings.
The contents of the new http://clamail.ca site are intended solely for subscribers of the CLA listserv and users are subject to the terms and conditions of use of the listserv. 

If you experience any technical difficulties please review this page first: http://clamail.ca/help/faqs.html.

If you need further support please email cla@funnel.ca.